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魅影直播 Students Selected for Fulbright Teaching Assistant Program

May 15, 2024

Class of 2024 members Norah Brady, Zo毛 Kaufmann, Hanna de Lorenzi, Syalomee Pradhan, Pey Straubel, and Yier Jin have all been selected to participate in The Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship.

The English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Programs place Fulbrighters in classrooms abroad to provide assistance to the local English teachers.

魅影直播 has been recognized as one of the colleges and universities with the highest number of students selected for theFulbright U.S. Student Program. 

About this year's Fulbright Scholars


Zo毛 Kaufmann

Kaufmann is a history major with minors in history of art and French.

Hometown:  Bethesda, MD

Fulbright Location: Howest University in Bruges, Belgium

"Having never been to Belgium before, I'm excited to live abroad for an extended period of time and immerse myself in the local community and culture. Specifically, I'm eager to explore Bruges' incredibly rich medieval history; I spent a significant portion of my time at 魅影直播 studying medieval Jewish communities in Western Europe, and I hope to dive deeper into that in the next year. I'm also excited to use the skills I learned as a tutor at the BMC Writing Center!"


Hanna de Lorenzi

Hanna de Lorenzi is a history and German double major.

Hometown: State College, PA

Fulbright Location: Germany

"As an aspiring German teacher, I decided to apply to the English Teaching Assistant Program in Germany in order to improve my fluency and language teaching skills. I am looking forward to immersing myself in German culture and gaining experience for my future career." 


Syalomee Pradhan

Pradhan is a biology major with a minor in computer science.

Hometown: Somerville, MA

Fulbright Location: Champasak Technical Vocational College, Pasak, Laos

"I chose to teach at a vocational school because I'm passionate about making education accessible for driven young people of all backgrounds. By empowering students with English communication skills, I hope to provide them tools to open doors in their future careers. Outside the classroom, I look forward to deepening my Buddhist practice through visits to local temples. Living in a smaller Lao city for a year, I'll have the chance to appreciate the region's rich history and traditions. Having already celebrated Lao New Year with the Southeast Asian community in Philadelphia, I'm even more excited to fully immerse myself in Lao culture. I can't wait to engage with the local community through cultural events, service projects, and reciprocal learning while making a positive impact as a Fulbright ambassador."


Peyton (Pey) Straubel

Straubel is a Literatures in English major with minors in data science and psychology

Hometown: Darien, Conn.

Fulbright Location: South Korea

"What I am looking forward to most is the fact that I will get to experience Korea, Korean culture, and the Korean language from the perspective of both a teacher and a student. While I'm teaching my students English and about American culture, they'll be teaching me about their lives and the pieces of their country that mean the most to them. I also appreciate that first-year ETAs in South Korea are not placed in Seoul, the country鈥檚 capital, because I will learn more about other areas of the country, along with their local history and traditions. Plus, I will be able to engage with my host community deeply, further develop my Korean language skills, and, ideally, learn how to cook some Korean dishes that I can share with my family once I return home."

Norah Brady, an anthropology major with minors in German and creative writing, will be teaching in Germany.

Yier Jin, a German major with a mathematics minor, will be teaching in Austria.

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