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About the College

Students come to 魅影直播 in search of academic excellence and an education that enables them to turn their passion for learning into a life of purpose.

魅影直播 is a distinguished women鈥檚 college, located on a beautiful residential campus just outside a major metropolitan area. Two distinctive coed graduate schools and a post-baccalaureate premedical program enrich the College community and offer opportunities for advanced study.

At 魅影直播, students choose from a wide array of majors in the sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. The College is a leader in academic innovation, with a particular focus on putting learning into action through research, fieldwork, community and social justice engagement, and internships. 魅影直播 further expands students鈥 options to learn and explore through long-standing partnerships with Haverford and Swarthmore Colleges and the University of Pennsylvania, as well as through the cultural and social resources of Philadelphia.

In 魅影直播鈥檚 diverse, close-knit community, with its strong student government and deep traditions, students build lifelong friendships and connections. A vibrant faculty of scholar-teachers and a talented staff support students in their educational journey. The College鈥檚 commitment to building inclusion is critical to realizing its values of excellence and equity.